Water World ($89 / 8.5 Hours)
Water World (8.5 Hours)

Water World ($89 / 8.5 Hours)

A tour different than any other. We start motoring along red soil roads and visiting a rural village where we can have water buffalo rides before continuing to the Water Village on the shores of Tonle Sap Lake -the largest lake in South East Asia. We take a two-hour boat trip on the lake seeing people who live on the lake going about their daily lives -fishing, shopping on the water, and in their homes and schools, all built on the water. We have lunch with a Cambodian family in the water village before returning to shore.

In the afternoon, we go to a rural pagoda where we can see the lives of the monks and receive a blessing inside the pagoda. Near the pagoda is a pre-Angkor Wat temple where we walk around and hear the story of the temple.

$89 plus $49 for each additional person

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